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Super Tuesday

The results are in and it now seems to be a two man race: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Interesting. head to head, I have to give the nod to Biden. Joe Biden, who was dead, but not buried, came alive on Super Tuesday. His campaign was resurrected and he once more became the front runner. Fill in the grave, boys, the Old Man is still kicking. Sorry, Bernie, your message just isn’t working anymore. The young voters that you hoped would speed you on to victory stayed away from the polls in droves. If you’re going to win this thing, you must figure out a way to get your people out to vote. Those people are the young people who apparently don’t care enough about the race to leave their video games for a few hours to vote. Perhaps if you offered a free copy of Call to Duty for everyone under the age of 30 who votes you might be able to keep your revolution on track. If that doesn’t work, maybe offer them a free bong. Bernie kicked Elizabeth Warren’s butt in her home state of Massachusetts, otherwise known as the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Even Massachusetts voters are tired of Elizabeth’s diatribes and turned away from her. She needs to drop out and drop out now. Endorse Bernie and get on with it. She can’t win and her supporters are likely Bernie supporters. Maybe she could offer to pay for half of the bongs. It seems to me that the Progressive Movement only appeals to left wing, fringe Democrats. The rest of the Democratic Party and the Independents know that a Progressive can’t win the whole thing and so they’ve turned to the Old Man to save them. I don’t like Joe Biden. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a drink with the guy, but, president? Not for me. To me his message seems to be, elect me and I’ll move us backward to before Trump when everything was wonderful. Maybe I’m not paying close enough attention, but his message seems to be more against Trump that it is about how he intends to move us forward as a nation. I think if he’s going to win, he has to stay away from Trump. Trump will eat him alive and drink a victory toast from his empty skull. Trump loves that kind of fighting and he’s very good at it. Joe is not. Never get into the mud with a pig because the pig likes it. I think that if Joe does the following he might actually win this whole thing. 1) Don’t get into the dirt with Trump. 2) Explain how you’re going to lead all of us along the path you think we should take as a nation. 3) Play on your experience and ability to build coalitions. 4) How you can rebuild the bridges of foreign policy so we take our proper leadership role as a nation. 5) Finally, how you’ll be a president for all Americans particularly the great middle of our country who has felt abandoned by Washington. I could list more things, but I think five is about all he can remember. I can only assume that Trump was voting for Bernie. He would have cleaned the floor with Bernie. He can do the same with Biden if he portrays him as being too old and out of touch. He will portray Biden as being Obama Junior without the grace, intelligence and calmness. Biden will never the the leader that Obama was and he shouldn’t try to be. He looks like a president and he needs to really act like one. Don’t get ruffled by Trump and definitely don’t engage him. Rise above the fray and show us what kind of man you are and what kind of president you will be. You might even get my vote.


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