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National Seashore

Here is what makes me crazy about the media and liberals. By the way, in the interest of full disclosure, like most Americans, I am both liberal and conservative depending on the issue.

On Cape Cod we have an enormous part of the Cape that was protected from development in the 1960's by President Kennedy. An Advisory Commission was formed to provide input about park management to the Department of the Interior.

While the Trump administration is reviewing all departments and how they can operate more efficiently, the Department has suspended the meetings and issued the following statement:

“The secretary is committed to restoring trust in the department’s decision-making and that begins with institutionalizing state and local input and ongoing collaboration, particularly in communities surrounding public lands.

“The department currently has more than 200 boards, committees and other internal and external advisory functions that are authorized to solicit input and meet periodically. To maximize feedback from these boards and ensure their compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act and the president’s recent executive orders, the department is currently reviewing the charter and charge of each board/advisory committee. This review process necessitates the temporary postponement of advisory committee meetings.

“As the department concludes its review in the weeks ahead, agencies will notice future meetings to ensure that the department continues to get the benefit of the views of local communities in all decision-making on public land management.”

That seems to me to be pretty straightforward. They say they want to restore trust in the Department's decision-making and continue to get input from communities in the most efficient manner. They are reviewing their procedures. I think it's a good thing for every department to do. They're not talking about making any changes or anything else. Just a review of how they receive input from the public. So, what are the liberals saying? Here you go:

“We need to wake up to this and make sure everyone knows what is going on. Resist.”

“Massachusetts needs to make noise NOW! We can not let these la da be destroyed!” I don't even really know what this person means.

“There goes what Cape Cod is known for.”

“More condos and casinos. I can see it already Trump towers.”

“This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth...”

“Thats cuz big money is coming to buy it up! Check your local town boards if you don't know who they are there goes the land people!!!”

“Hey "repugs" & "trump"...hands OFF our National Seashore!!!”

“No f&%^$#g way!!!!”

By the way, I cleaned up some of the spelling and language because most of the people making negative comments apparently don't know how to actually spell simple words. I don't have that problem because I have an editor who corrects my stupid mistakes before you get to read them. Maybe Facebook should require everyone to have an editor before they post? Note: call Mark Zuckerman with suggestion.

What really bothers me is that all of these people start screaming that the sky is falling when what has actually happened is that the supports for the sky are under review. I'm no fan of Donald Trump but I am even less of a fan of people who don't know what they're talking about. That even occasionally includes me, but not this time. I read the article, I read the directives and I read the releases coming out of the Department of the Interior.

I don't care if you're a liberal or a conservative. I don't even mind if you express your concerns about Trump or complain about too many cat videos on Facebook (there are). But could you please do it respectfully and with at least a cursory attention to the actual facts? When you scream and yell and don't know what you're talking about, you lose me. I have enough problems without getting lost in your delusional opinions.


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