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Why I'm Not A Democrat

When I was young, I couldn't be a Democrat because Democrats were too conservative. I was a wild-eyed college student who spent his time in Boston demonstrating against Vietnam, the draft, the Pigs, and all the other things misinformed college kids get upset about. As I matured, I looked at the Democratic Party, but found it wanting in significant ways.

Number One is that Democrats certainly know how to whine but they don't know how to win. They're great complainers, and they're champions at hand-wringing without ever actually doing anything except giving money away. If you think that's changed, I give you Bernie Sanders and his Magic Money Tree that will pay for all the stuff he wants to give away.

I really liked Barack Obama, and even voted for him in 2008. Finally we had a Democrat who seemed to get it. I rejoiced when he won and settled back to watch the changes he was going to bring to government. I'm still waiting, and I didn't vote for him in 2012.

I believed in him, but it turned out that he didn't have the guts or the resolve to fight the Republicans and simply do the right things. His presidency seems to me to have been a holding pattern with important issues getting stacked up around Washington like a bunch of airplanes that can't seem to land. Obama can’t seem to get a handle on the air traffic controllers and start bringing those planes in before they run out of fuel. Too bad—I like the guy.

I know a lot of extremely liberal Democrats, and they are, in general, the most intolerant people on the planet. I agree with a lot of what the Democrats stand for, but when I criticize them, the extreme liberals vilify me, call me names, and refuse to have anything to do with me. That doesn't happen to me with the conservatives I know: only the liberals. There is no one so blind as a liberal with a cause, even if he doesn't really know anything about it. I know this because when I ask a question or two, I'm not met with facts or logical answers; instead, I'm attacked personally. I have had people on Facebook unfriend me because, when they've posted something that is completely wrong or misleading and I've offered the facts, they tell me they can never be friends with someone as stupid as me, and boom, I'm unfriended. So much for the party of tolerance and inclusion.

I think Democrats could sweep the country if they'd only do a couple of things:

  1. Stop giving everything away to people who aren't citizens.

  2. Come up with some sensible immigration regulations.

  3. Develop a tax plan that treats everyone fairly, including corporations.

  4. Create a single-payer health care plan that works. There are some out there, and if you can't figure it out yourself, then find a good one and just copy it!

  5. Take care of kids and education and stop just talking about it.

  6. Make sure everyone has a financial safety net.

  7. Figure out how to do this while keeping us militarily and economically strong, and maybe you can finally start winning.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Democrats need to just stop talking about it and get it done. However, in doing so, they must keep in mind that we're a free-market system and that's the economic engine that has made this country great. The government's job is to level the playing field and then get out of the way. The sooner Democrats learn that, the sooner I can vote for one again.


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