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I never really did understand the whole European Union thing anyway. The idea was good, but I just couldn’t see it really working. The idea was to unite a group of European countries that were similar economically, politically, and culturally and make trade and travel easier among member countries.

The EU was supposed to be united by a common currency, the Euro. Except there are eleven currencies in the union, including the British pound, the Swiss franc and the Swedish krona. Nice job unifying things there.

It sort of reminds me of when Scotland wanted to be an independent country. Well, except for money. They wanted to continue using the British pound instead of having their own currency. To me, that’s not much different than if my ex-wife, after asking me for a divorce, had then asked if we could still have a joint bank account. Seriously, Scotland?

The cultural similarities among the nations also should have made for a splendid success. Except Greece isn’t like Germany and Spain isn’t like England and Turkey isn’t like any of them. Okay, Turkey’s not in yet, although everyone knows that since Turkey is 98 percent Muslim, it’s just like the rest of Europe from a cultural and religious standpoint. Don’t worry, Turkey, everything will work out just fine.

Politically? Don’t make me laugh. The countries in the EU are simply not the same politically. I mean, who wants to be like the French?

The EU is economically driven by the UK, Germany, and France. That’s where the money is, that’s where the jobs are, and that’s where the free government handouts are. Let’s say I’m a poor farmer in Greece and I can’t support my family. Because of the EU, it’s easy for me to travel to England and start my benefits right away. You don’t see many poor Germans thinking they should go to Latvia to get the government benefits, do you? People who live in poor countries who can easily travel to rich countries are going to move to the rich countries. Why wouldn’t they?

Yes, I’ve read the claim that the UK spends 390 million pounds a week to be in the EU. I’ve also read the analysis that says it’s really only 190 million pounds because immigrants bring in about $200 million pounds a week to the UK. Well, maybe my math isn’t any good, but that still costs the UK almost ten billion pounds a year!

Perhaps the whole thing is about nothing more than xenophobia. We’re seeing the same thing here in America. When you start to see tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrating in London and demanding sharia law, you’re going to have a lot of Brits saying, not here, matey. It becomes an us versus them mentality, and I wonder if that’s not the thinking that drove this exit vote. I see the same thing happening here, and while it may be wrong and I may not agree with it, I do understand it.

According to what I’m hearing, it’s the people over 65 who overwhelmingly voted to get out, and the young people who voted to stay. It confirms what I constantly tell young people: never underestimate experience and treachery. You may have youth and fitness, but old people know how to seriously kick some ass.

Good luck, Britain. We still love ya!


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