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New Kitchen

We did a new kitchen once before on Cape Cod and now we're doing it again in Florida. The first one was painful enough but this one might be worse.

I don't understand what it is with women. When I'm asked what color I want and I say that I don't care, I really do mean that I don't care. Pick what you want and I'm good. Keep me out of it completely and I'm even better. If you've read some of my other blogs, you will know that I'm color blind. What in the world could be sillier than asking a color blind man what color he wants? Since I don't see the same colors that you do, if I voice an opinion, I'm going to be pooh, poohed anyway. As I recall, every time I have voiced an opinion I've been told I was wrong so I've given up offering suggestions.

The truth is, I really DON'T CARE.

On the other hand, the Lovely Louise cares a lot. I mean, A LOT. Her phone is full of pictures of different types of granite, sinks, faucets, appliances and other kitchen renovation stuff. I do the cooking so I want to pick out the stove top, the oven and the cooking stuff. The rest of it, oh please, God, I just don't care.

We just returned from looking at sinks. Kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. Because we're redoing the kitchen, it was decided that we should redo the guest bathroom as well which means we need a bathroom sink. Not a regular bathroom sink, mind you, but one of those fancy ass ones that sit on top of the bathroom counter and look like a piece of modern art with a new faucet where the water “flows effortlessly” from the “modern, sophisticated design elements”. I just want a faucet.

And so, we went to look at sinks and faucets. In less than five minutes in a large warehouse, I said “this sink and this faucet”. BOOM, done and over with. Not so fast there, Sparky. First, we had to look at every other sink in the place before coming back to the first one we looked at. Still not decided, the Lovely Louise wanted to take pictures so she could agonize over the decision even more. Her camera being full of pictures, the phone wouldn't take any more so the sales girl graciously offered to take a picture on her camera and then email it to Louise. Problem solved, or so I thought.

As we were leaving without a sink or faucet, she said that she wasn't sure she liked any of them. Why not just go on Amazon and pick out one of the thousands of sinks they have available. You can do it right from the house and I don't have to drive all over SW Florida to look at every sink on the market. I think that's the current plan, but, I could be wrong. No, I probably am wrong. Scratch that, I'm absolutely wrong, I just need to get used to that fact.

To make things worse, her friend, Pat, is visiting from England and so now Louise and Pat have to retrace our steps and look at everything all over again so they can discuss the pros and cons of every sink in the world after dinner, and sometimes during dinner. I have finally figured out that we couldn't possibly buy anything yet because Louise hasn't agonized enough over the final decision. I gather she's even having second thoughts about the granite she chose because now it might be “too busy”.

When all is said and done, I'm still trying to stay out of it. I continue to repeat my mantra, “I don't care, whatever you like is fine with me”. It's still not working since she still asks my opinion on almost everything. I think the best way to force her to make a decision is to tell her that I like something so she can tell me that I'm wrong and we can at least start to eliminate things.

If I were a truly evil man, I would tell her that I want to be consulted every step of the way and that I have very definite opinions as to what we should and shouldn't do. I would do that but the truth is: I DON'T CARE.


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