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I've seen a lot of ads for men about how to make yourself more attractive to women. Most of them are simply wrong. I discovered when I was single that women are attracted to men differently from the way men are attracted to women. That's actually a good thing for men, because if women were as shallow as we are, most of us would never get a date.

One startling discovery I made was that you do not need underwear-model good looks to be attractive to women. It's not that women aren't attracted to underwear models; it's just that they look for different qualities than simple good looks or six-pack abs. Certainly those things count, but how many times have you seen an ugly man with a great looking woman? What has he got that makes him so attractive? And no, it's not necessarily money. If you have lots of money, however, you don't need to read the rest of this—you've already got what you need.

Listen up fellas, and I'll tell you the secrets. I learned this by experimentation, and by talking with lots and lots of women. These techniques have been tested in various bars and meeting places, and I guarantee they will work.

Ready? Okay then, here we go.

Rule Number 1: When you speak to a woman, look her directly in the eyes. I know you want to sneak a peek, but whatever you do, don't do that. You might think you can sneak without getting caught, but trust me, she will know. If you're successful, you won't have to sneak a peak; she'll show you. Resist the urge. I know it's hard, but you can do it.

Rule Number 2: Listen. That's it. Just listen to her and really, really hear what she's saying. I know your attention span is measured in goldfish time, but even if you're not listening, you absolutely must appear to be listening. When appropriate, throw in a “no kidding,” “she didn't say that,” “that's amazing,” or some other phrase that relates to what she's talking about, and then you can go back to not listening. The key here is that she must believe you are really listening to her and hearing what she's saying. Most guys can't do this, so if you can master this one trick, you'll be way ahead of them.

Rule Number 3: Make her laugh. Women are powerless before a man with a sense of humor. If you can't make her laugh, move on; it won't work out. If you're just not funny, you only have one alternative: you must appeal to the mothering instinct. Be quiet, introspective, self-deprecating, and unsure of yourself, and let her know that you're worthwhile but you need someone to help you. Women love to help.

Rule Number 4: At least appear to be intelligent. You have to convince her that your IQ is higher than the room temperature. Watch the news. Read about what's happening in the world. Form opinions and be ready to defend them. If she talks about things you know nothing about, then do the damn research to find out. You'll blow her away if you can speak intelligently with her about things she cares about.

Rule Number 5: Be confident, even if you're not. Women are attracted to confident men. You can't do this verbally. It must be part of your DNA. The way you stand, the way you sit, your overall attitude, and the look on your face are all part of it. But be very careful not to move from confidence to arrogance. This will kill it every time. Confidence is inside; arrogance is outside. If you really are confident, she will sense it and be attracted to you. Do not ever be needy. Confident men are not needy.

There you have it. It's really that simple, and I can prove it. I have mastered these principles, and while I'm no Brad Pitt or George Clooney, just take a look at the woman I'm with and you'll know I'm right. She's way out of my league!


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