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Oh dear, every time I hear her name I start to shake like an old man with severe Parkinson’s. I am not a Democrat. But then again, neither am I a Republican. If you want to know what I am, please read my blog, “Where I Stand.” Now that I've cleared that up, let's talk about Hillary. I can't talk about Hillary without talking about Bill as well. When they entered the White House, they had a net worth of about $200,000. Today, Hillary's net worth is estimated at around $32,000,000 and Bill is thought to be worth a little north of $80,000,000. From $200,000 to over $110,000,000? Tomorrow, I'm entering public service. If I can gain net worth as fast as they did, in about five years I won't have to write any more blogs or even speak to anyone at all. If you really want to frustrate a Democrat, ask them to list Hillary's accomplishments. I was curious to find out if she had accomplished anything, so I went to her website. I figured if she had done anything, she’d be eager to tell us all about it. Here's what I found listed on her very own website as her major accomplishments: Accomplishment 1: She fought for children and families for over 40 years.

Okay, this sounds good, but what did she actually accomplish? It doesn’t say. Does this mean she's been fighting and losing? Accomplishment 2: Helped provide millions of children with healthcare. Didn't her attempt at redesigning health care during her husband’s presidency fail miserably? Wasn't it President Obama who did that? How did she help? It doesn’t say. Accomplishment 3: Helped get 9/11 responders the healthcare they needed. There's this healthcare thing again. The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act wasn't passed until 2010, and nowhere can I find that Hillary had anything to do with it. Plus, if she was so effective, why did it take nine years? Accomplishment 4: Told the world that “women's rights are human rights.”

Ahhh … that's really one of her greatest accomplishments? She told people that women have rights? Accomplishment 5: Stood up for LGBT rights at home and abroad. Okay, I guess standing up is something, although I stand up many times a day but don’t list it as one of my accomplishments. Accomplishment 6: Helped expand healthcare and family leave for military families. The Family Leave Act has been with us since 1994, and she wasn't even there. I can't find anywhere that she expanded it in any way for military families. Perhaps someone who knows more than I do can help me? Accomplishment 7: Negotiated a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. In just the past few months, Hillary herself removed this claim from her book, but still says it on her campaign website. Doesn’t her staff check these things? There you have it, direct from Hillary herself. These are the most important accomplishments that Hillary's presidential campaign can find. I am singularly unimpressed. If you think I made any of this up, please check it out for yourself at Maybe it's just me, but I think if you start with nothing, spend years in public service and end up with a net worth of $32,000,000, and now you want to be president, you probably should be able to tell us something you accomplished that makes you worthy of the job. If this is the best that Hillary herself can come up with, we're all going to be in deep trouble.

I can't vote for Trump, but I can't vote for Hillary either. Instead, I'm going to vote for a friend of mine named Eddie. He may not be famous, but he's really good at getting things done.


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