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meet cliff.

I am pursuing a life long goal of becoming an elderly curmudgeon, I would suspect that my daughters would tell you that I am, indeed, succeeding.  I seldom take anything seriously.  Even when diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and told I need chemotherapy, my first question to the doctor was “Will this finally help me lose some weight”?  I started to crack up but he was not amused.  


I’ve been observing idiocy all of my life.  Every time I think that nothing else can surprise me, something, of course, does.  This blog is my meager attempt to comment on my observations.  Don’t panic, I’m not writing this stuff for you, it’s for me.  Should you agree with me, you are clearly a person of superb moral character and stratospherically high IQ.  If you disagree with me, well, you’re just wrong.  


Yes, I know that was rude, but remember above where I’m trying to be a curmudgeon?  I wasn’t kidding.


Blogging about the subway ride of my life... 


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